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Trip to Kelsuu lake

Kelsuu means “coming water”

Kel-suu is the most beautiful lake in Kyrgyzstan. Definitely. Hard to get, located at 3500m above the sea level, in a far and cold Ak-sai valley. Its water comes down from the melting glaciers on the high rocks surrounding the lake,  and it has this magnificent blue-green color. Honestly, I don’t know anyone, who was not impressed by the photos.

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How to get from Manas airport to Bishkek

There are several ways, to get from Manas airport to Bishkek.

Let’s start from the cheapest one.

Minibus (marshrutka)

When you leave the terminal zone, you will be warmly accepted by a crowd of taxi drivers, offering insistently their services to take you to Bishkek. Especially they are hunting for strangers, who are not aware of  local prices. If you prefer to save money, don’t stop, go to the exit.

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