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Фареры – день 2: трек на Sørvágsvatn, острова Streymoy и Eysturoy (Eiði, Gjogv, Oyrarbakki)


Мне не спалось с 2 ночи. В 6 встал, поел, пошел на Slave Cliff и озеро Sørvágsvatn. Это то самое, которое “оптичеcкая иллюзия” или “озеро над океаном”. Вход находится недалеко от хостела, можно пешком дойти. Только вот вверх придется много подниматься.

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Trip to Kelsuu lake

Kelsuu means “coming water”

Kel-suu is the most beautiful lake in Kyrgyzstan. Definitely. Hard to get, located at 3500m above the sea level, in a far and cold Ak-sai valley. Its water comes down from the melting glaciers on the high rocks surrounding the lake,  and it has this magnificent blue-green color. Honestly, I don’t know anyone, who was not impressed by the photos.

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Iceland round trip – Day 1 – How to start a rented car in Iceland

The plane landed around 22.00 to the far windy island, the ancient land of vikings. Today we know it as Iceland. Everyone had his own expectations from this unknown land, but we were all expecting some miracle, like if we came to another planet.

For me this trip was really a miracle. Iceland became the most original, impressive country, that impressed my imagination. The land where people live in an ideal world, trust each other, care of the nature, and the most common crime here – is stealing a ship. Continue reading “Iceland round trip – Day 1 – How to start a rented car in Iceland”

How to get a payment card in Russia

If you are a tourist, travelling across the big country, you can easily get a payment card with an account in Sberbank Online.

This is the most popular payment system in Russia. It allows you to pay for goods and services from your mobile phone. Sometimes, it is very useful if you stay in a hostel, that does no take credit cards. With the card you can pay for bus tickets in most cities across Russia. And it can be even cheaper, that paying by cash. Finally some POS-terminals in Russia and websites don’t accept foreign cards. So I definitely recommend you to open this Sberbank payment card.

How to open Sberbank Online account and a payment card

All you need is to come to any Sberbank office, and show your international passport and your migration card. The documents are enough.

sberbank visa card
Sberbank visa card

The card will be issued in several days.

But if you have no time to wait, you can ask an instant card (preissued, noname). In my case it was Visa a pre-issued Visa.

The most important thing is that this card gives you access to Sberbank Online service.

No matter where you are, you can pay any services. For example if you visit Olkhon island on Baykal lake, there are no ATMs. And many hostels don’t accept payment cards there. But you can easily pay with Sberbank Online application.


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