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Merzbaher lake – day 5 – Disappearing lake

July 9, Moday.
We are finally on the Mertzbaher Meadow.
Today we will try to approach the shore of the lake and to wash hands in its water.

I got up at 6 AM. Feeling good, no more fever. Looks like I can go to the lake

Suddenly I heard a loud noise outside. After getting out of the tent, I saw an avalanche falling between rocks above our meadow.
It was happening in higher mountains, quiet far from us, there was no risk. But the view was shocking.

Stunning view of the falling avalanche.

The weather was perfect, the sun shines, no single cloud in the clear sky. We are lucky with the weather.
Armadillo mountain

Mertzbaher meadow in the morning.

There are more people living on the meadow than in Iva and Glina camps. Scientists from Germany live here, also we met a scientist from Japan with a flying drone. They all study the Merzbaher lake.

Toilet with a view to the Inylchek glacier and Merzbaher lake.

There is not much water in the lake because of the long winter.

Others get up and go out from theirs tents with cups to have breakfast

I told with Paul, and he explained me that my yesterday’s fever was not a cold caused by glaced water, that I was drinking the whole day. It was becasue of the long hiking, my body didn’t used to such loads combined with heavy meals (salyamy, cheese etc.)

Radial trek to Merzbacher Lake

After breakfast we decided to go to the shore of the lake to touch the crystal-clean water. We left our heavy backpacks and left the camp.
It was such a pleaseure to hike without backpacks

The lake seemed to be close.  1-2 hours and were are near the water.

But we were wrong. During 1.5 hrs we were hiking on the hills up and down. Closer to the lake stones and sands ended and we saw the glace. It was like a promenade in early spring, melting glace and snow  under foot, hundreds of small creeks  running somewhere between stones in deep cracks where you can easily fall.

We’ve found some scientific stuff :

Solar battery.

with a high-quality battery, made in Germany. I would take it to my car. Everyone would if it was closer to civilization. But carrying it to the car, 15-20 kg during  3  days… no way.


Closer to the lake, bigger cracks we have to cross and higher glaciers we have to climb.

Soon the glaciers and icebergs turned into an high impassable wall. We couldn’t go further without special equipment.

The most regrettable thing is that we couldn’t see the lake behind the glace wall. We have even doubts if the lake is still there. Maybe it has gone down, while we were hiking?

Unable to cross the glace wall we stopped, disappointed that the lake were so close but we couldn’t reach it.

I decided to take some photos, of this incredible place. 3 days from civilisation, no buildings, no cars, only  blue sky, mountains and melting glacier.

From one of the hills, I’ve seen the lake.

Just a small piece of its blue surface, made me happy.

We took some photos and started our way back

We returned in 2 hours to the Meadow. Locals told me that this year the winter was long that is why there’s a few water in the lake. Actually the lake is not reachable from this side.
If you want to wash hands in its water we must take a helicopter and go to the other shore.
So after making this long trip I still didn’t reach the lake. My dream was not fully realised.

I will start to save money and one day hopefully I will have such a good company to visit another shore of this lake and touch its beautiful water.
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